Lauren and Nathalie, are the co-founders and couple behind HER+HER, who are reconnection coaches dedicated to helping individuals and couples build deeper, more connected relationships with themselves and their partners.

Our mission is deeply rooted in personal experiences of healing and growth.

We are committed to bringing this transformation to our clients, offering them the support and tools they need to identify what they truly long for, within themselves and their relationships.

Lauren Pratt

Co-Founder, HER+HER

Lauren Pratt's journey began as a queer child growing up in the church, where she faced the challenge of finding her true self in an environment that often misunderstood and rejected differences.

After years of feeling like she was living a life that wasn't her own, Lauren embarked on a journey of self-acceptance. Through inner child work, she found a way back to caring for the hurt little girl within who had been locked away for years. This powerful process became a catalyst for her own personal growth and transformed her perspective.

With a background in education, Lauren's passion for learning and personal growth became her guiding light. She discovered that embracing discomfort is key to transformation. She learned that the greatest growth often emerges from the most challenging moments. And now, she has made it her mission to share this valuable insight with others.

Lauren's coaching philosophy is rooted in her commitment to her own growth. Drawing from her own experiences, she confronts her fears head-on and forges a path towards authenticity. Lauren leads her coaching with the mindset of embracing your true, authentic self with compassion to discover the incredible growth waiting for you on the other side.

Nathalie Calderon

Co-Founder, HER+HER

Nathalie Calderon, also known as FabulousNat, was born with a congenital birth defect, Tibial Hemimelia, which lead to the amputation of her right leg just before her first birthday. She battled with loving and accepting herself and her disability for over 25 years. She hid her prosthetic leg from the world and kept it a deep guarded secret, restricting what she wore, where she went, and what she believed she could achieve. Her own healing journey took her through self-acceptance, self-love, and mindset shifts to unleash the inner fabulosity that now radiates through her life.

Her mission is to help women embrace their own inner fabulosity, grow in love with themselves and live life in their full authenticity.

She is a life coach, speaker, author, and self-love activist currently living in Thailand with her life partner, Lauren Pratt, with whom she travels the world as a digital nomad with. They are co-founders of the brand black queer healing community, Her+Her, and together are relationship and mindset coaches to individuals and couples around the world.

Work With Us

1:1 Reconnection Breakthrough sessions

Uncover root causes of disconnection, enhance communication, and rebuild trust and intimacy in 45 minutes. Gain practical tools for a thriving, loving relationship with personalized guidance.

1:1 Global Travel coaching

Unlock your dream of living abroad in just 4 months--gain confidence, practical skills, strategize and prepare for your new life in another country.

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Costa Rica, South Korea, Thailand, Colombia, Brazil*


Where we met - South Korea


Lauren - Jjimdak, Dakdoritang, Massaman Curry

Nathalie - Puerto Rican Pasteles, Dakdoritang,

Thai Green Curry


We LOVE tea, especially our homemade spicy Chai tea, pineapple-ginger-lemon tea & ginger tea

Korean Skincare - we travel with our favorite face pads always!


Lauren - Pisces ☀, Cancer ☾, Aries Rising

Nathalie - Taurus ☀, Leo ☾, Cancer Rising



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